Singing Without Hope on the Boundary

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Children like consistency. This axiom is drilled into us very early on in teacher training. If you're not consistent in your treatment, teaching or punishment of pupils then they will let you know straight away. "Sir that's not fair, you gave her a warning but you're giving me a detention," or "but he threw that before me and you didn't say anything to him."

Basically (lazy word but bear with me here) if you ain't consistent then life is going to be tough for you as children start to think you're picking on them or that you hate them. Wither then the consistency higher up? On the next rung of the ladder? Why is it okay for Senior Management to pick and choose who they punish or how they deal with miscreants? Oh it's okay not to punish him because he has a tough home life (even though he is one of the more consistent offenders in school) or leave it with me and I'll sort it out... a day later you find out leaving it with them means saying "don't do it again Jiminy will you," and the kid is still running amok. Even worse is when they ask for consistency of teaching. Follow the lesson plan so all children get the same lesson. Okay in theory and then a couple of weeks of later you're asked to explain why you taught that particular lesson. Doesn't work they say. It's in the scheme of work I was asked to teach. Oh, but I don't teach that lesson...

Banging ones head against the wall seems to be the only sensible option. Consistency is important especially when dealing with a large number of people. Obviously the school system shouldn't be monolithic enough to completely disregard individual situations, but a consistent approach is largely key. Why oh why then is it not applied completely throughout? From the lowly teacher in the classroom to the Head in his office of ivory and leather? Why oh why then is it not? Is it because in this era of exam results being key and league tables it is every teacher for themselves?

It appears to be so. Already I'm only nine weeks in proper and I'm cynical. Every method necessary to make sure they get the pass? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.

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Is your headteacher's office really made out of ivory and leather? Is he in fact a big game poacher?

I cannot reply to the comment for fear of my job.

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